Water birth is a very popular option with the families we serve. There are many reasons water birth can be desirable. Even if you choose to give birth out of water, there are benefits to laboring in water. Many women prefer water birth because:

  • Water birth can decrease the pain that is often associated with labor.
  • Birthing in water increases relaxation.
  • There is decreased need for analgesia and anesthesia with immersion in water during labor.
  • There is lower incidence of perineal trauma.
  • Many experts feel that it’s less stressful for the baby.
  • Being in the birthing pool provides a space that protects from unnecessary intervention.
  • Water labors tend to be shorter.
  • The pool creates a protected “sacred space” for bonding in the moments following the birth of your baby.

There are also reasons why midwives might appreciate water birth.

  • Water birth can decrease a mother’s blood pressure
  • Being in water allows for better positioning of the baby
  • The water creates a cushioning effect and so decreased fetal heart rate (fetal distress) is less common.
  • The incidence of cesarean birth is decreased when a woman labors in water.
  • Cleanup is easier.
  • Due to the typically easier labor, water birth is physically easier on the midwife.
  • Transfer of care for prolonged labor is less likely when a woman chooses water birth.
  • The decreased need for perineal repair makes the midwife’s job easier.

What’s it like to labor in water? Once you are in the pool, you are in your own undisturbed world. You may feel lighter and  you will be able to move more easily. This helps you to find the most comfortable position for relaxation. The water  will be kept at a comfortable temperature for you throughout your labor, although we may warm it up slightly just before the baby is born.Some mothers become so much more comfortable when they get into the water that they think labor has stopped or slowed down, when in reality the contractions are actually more efficient even though they’re more comfortable.

If desired, the father or birth partner can also be in the pool. Many fathers appreciate the comforting effect the water has on the laboring Mom. Many also find that the experience of water birth feels more intimate. Some fathers choose to receive their baby into their own hands or sometimes the parents choose to receive the baby together.

When considering your options in childbirth, and especially when your are considering water birth, it’s always important to keep an open mind. Many women are so drawn to water birth that it becomes their ideal. On some occasions we find that a laboring woman simply prefers to be out of water when the baby comes. On rare occasion it might be deemed in the best interest of either baby or mother to move out of water for the birth. You can’t always predict what you will really want in labor. So it’s important to maintain flexible attitude, and to be open to whatever your body leads you to do when you are in labor.

Water birth is an option that is not available in any hospitals in Norther Arizona.

Waterbirth is safe when attended by expert professionals, and when a few basic rules are applied.  See https://evidencebasedbirth.com/waterbirth/ for information on water birth safety. We have 20 years of experience with water birth. We will guide you to sources for supplies and nice, inexpensive pools. Setting up the pool is easy and we are here to advise you.We will drain and deflate the pool and clean up the room before leaving.

Whether you choose to birth in the water or out, we are here to guide and assist you in having an empowering and enjoyable birthing experience.


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