Prenatal Care in Northern Arizona


At your wellness check-ups, we monitor your physical and emotional well being.  Our goals are a healthy baby and mom and a joyful birth experience. At each visit, we will perform the regular components of prenatal care. This includes checking your blood pressure, weight gain , a urine specimen and baby’s  growth and heart beat rates. During the exam we will discuss what we are doing, and why it is an important aspect of your care. Vaginal exams are done only as indicated, and always only upon your request or with your permission.

What makes midwifery care different from routine OB care is the time that we spend focusing on you as an individual. Listening to you is important. Information that you share with us in regards to how you are feeling and adjusting, and even your questions, can provide very useful information surrounding the health of your pregnancy, or possible birthing complications. Should any complications arise, we will arrange for an increased level of care to keep you and your baby as safe as is possible. If hospital transfer is required we will see you through that process and someone from our birthing team will remain with you to provide support as a doula.

During your prenatal visits we will provide lots of information to help you prepare for your birth. We offer  birth preparation classes and informative presentations covering many subjects that range from  pregnancy health and choices to early parenting made easy. We feel that the responsibility for the health of your pregnancy and your satisfaction with the experience lies largely with you. And we will offer guidance and support in your decision-making as you take on that responsibility.


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