Postpartum Care in Northern Arizona


One of the most important differences between midwifery care and routine OB care is the level of postpartum care you will get from the midwife.  Adequate support during the postpartum period decreases your risk of postpartum depression, and also decreases the risk of you or your baby developing complications.
We provide a home visit 24 to 48 hours after your baby is born. At this time we will ensure that you are adjusting normally and that you are comfortable caring for your baby. We do newborn screening to check for congenital heart disease and metabolic disorders. And we will also take care of filing your birth certificate.
We do your follow up care for 6 to 8 weeks, watching your baby’s weight gain pattern and general , and your recovery as well. While we typically see you weekly for 3 weeks and then 2 more visits 2 weeks apart. We schedule our visits according to your needs.We can see you more frequently or less frequently as you desire. We can also arrange for home visits if you prefer.
We will provide you with support in breast-feeding your baby. We wish to ensure a successful breast-feeding experience as we feel that that is best for your baby and for your recovery.


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