What Is A Midwife?

A midwife is a trained professional who provides care for women through out the childbearing cycle. She provides prenatal care, including physical exams and lab testing. She attends and monitors the birth of the baby, and provides complete postpartum and newborn care. While a midwife’s primary role is to oversee the health and safety of the childbearing process, midwives have specialized expertise in identifying the physical, emotional and psychological needs that are unique to each woman. A midwife is trained to respond to these needs on an individual basis, offering guidance and education. A midwife will assist the woman in finding her unique path to motherhood . She will support the entire family as they welcome their new baby.

skylar-and-woodcutting-Oct-23-2010-052-150x150In Arizona, education in normal and abnormal pregnancy, delivery, newborn and postpartum care is a requirement for licensed midwives. We have emergency training and carry oxygen and other emergency medicines and equipment. This allows for a safe process if complications arise and care might be transferred to a physician.

If you are seeking a midwife, you will want to interview her to make sure that your philosophies are similar and that she is a good match for your personality. You will want to feel good about her level of experience and competence. Your sense of comfort with your midwife will have an important effect on your birthing experience.

There are various types of midwives : direct entry midwives, licensed midwives ( L.M.s) or certified midwives ( C.M.s), certified professional midwives ( C.P.M.s), and certified nurse midwives (C.N.M.s). I am a licensed midwife and a certified professional midwife.

For more information check out the citizens for midwifery webpage at cfmidwifery.org


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